Why Every Business Needs A Robust Digital Marketing Strategy

Praveen Anathula founder of digibook.in

There was an electronics hardware repair firm. They had a robust offline presence, operating from different outlets across cities.

But the owner heard how Robert Bosch were killing it at converting leads from their online channels. 

The firm decided to test the waters by building an online marketing plan with a modest budget. Let’s come back to how that fared.

If you are reading this, you have already made the start to unlock faster and stronger business growth.

Digital marketing is the umbrella term given to all kinds of promotional and branding activities undertaken in the virtual or online world, that has real, game-changing results to the proprietor undertaking this effort. 

Your obvious question or snap back to us would be: Who cares, a lot of my customers know my offline presence, and why would I want to test out something unknown? The world is becoming digitized faster than ever. 

Organization’s going digital includes an increasing adoption and absorption of SMAC(T): Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and the latest Internet of Things era. 

Contrary to your presumption that your customers engage with you offline, the fact is they are already being bombarded with ads from your competitors.

When the latter gives them enough reason to try out their product, you can take our word that you’ve lost a precious customer.

Increasing smartphone usage, dropping broadband costs, and the rise of the consumer have all caused digital marketing to proliferate.

Customers expect businesses to provide customized offers and predict their needs, and those that succeed will reap dividends. 

The online world has pretty much rewritten the linear rules of marketing seen in the online world, although the fundamentals of marketing remain the same.

A recent report by Mary Meeker says people roughly spend around 4 hours a day on their mobile, and around 0.5 hours on TV, until mid-2016. 

It’s clear that digital has really led to some disruption, but rather than looking at it in a negative light, take it as the biggest opportunity in your business functioning, to replicate what other businesses are doing – reaping the harvest of a clearly defined digital marketing strategy.

Get your basics right, with purchasing a domain soon, that matches your existing brand name. Then, start creating content that is search engine friendly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the pillars of your digital strategies, as it is the foundation to get your site optimized and ranked in relevant searches for people looking for solutions your business can solve. 

Start building your brand credibility by sending out emails, supervising and promoting good reviews online, and finding out how to position yourself best, in online avenues your prospects frequent.

Other important facets of digital marketing include social media marketing (SMM), search engine marketing (SEM), and video marketing.  Social media marketing is a whole way to dive into its meticulous insights, much like what Google offers in SEO and SEM

Newer forms like voice-based marketing through devices like Echo are improving, but are yet to become mainstream.

Tracking, analyzing and targeting are huge advantages that digital marketing offers, over offline marketing. Other advantages include impact and promised returns on the budget you put in, which we can guarantee is a fraction of what you would invest in hoardings or TV placements. 

Being online is a great way to stay relevant in these fast-changing times, as disruptions keep evolving industries to stay nimble and customer-focused.

This is manifested in our case mentioned at the beginning, as they began to get enquiries from their digital marketing channels, and supplemented their offline business with a rapidly growing online component. 

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