7 Google Ads Extensions should use for your business

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Praveen Anathula founder of digibook.in

1. Sitelink extensions

Google allows you to include up to 25 characters in their site links descriptions. According to Google, more crisp links performs better and It advises aiming for a baseline of 18-20 characters for desktops links and 12-15 for mobiles.

2. Call extensions

Call extensions are a type of ad extension, an ad feature that enables you to add extra information about their businesses. Customers can call directly from the ad and there is a chance of generating 2X leads with the call extensions.

3. App extensions

App extensions enable you to link to your mobile app from your text ads. Customers click either on your ad headline or on the link to your app.


4. Callout extensions

You can promote unique offers to customers with Callout extensions. Customers will directly click on the offer or service of your business or products.  


5. Structured snippets extensions

Structured snippet extension appears after the description of the ad, Usually, on the computer, it will show 2 headers at a time and on mobile or tablet, only one header will appear at a time. Google will search for the best combination of headers and displays according to the device. 

6. Location extensions

Google Ads local extension feature will allows you to add the business address, phone number, and map marker along with text ads.



7. promotion extensions

Promotion extensions will add tremendous value to your business when you are running ads. Customers can see your highlighted deals from the ad. They will directly redirect to the offer page.

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